The role of friendship in our lives is often overlooked and not much appreciated. Friendship has a much bigger impact on our well-being than other types of relationships. Having friends brings more benefits to us than we know. We gain physical and emotional benefits from such relationships which help us to be much happier and healthier people.
The purpose of this guiding activity is to help students discover the necessity of friendship and how their relationships with others affect who they are.
Guiding Questions
  • Why are friends important?
  • Do I need friends to shape my identity?
  • In what ways do friends shape who I am?
  • How does my generation view friendship?
Students will:
  • participate in a class discussion about friendship
  • conduct brief interviews with 3 or 4 peers about friendship
  • use a graphic organizer to collect answers during the interviews
  • meet in small groups (3-4 students) to discuss their findings
  • collectively write a group reflection on the meaning and importance of friendship
  • use a digital media tool to prepare a presentation about their identity based on the impact of friendship

  • Students interview their teacher about the most influential friendships in his/her life.
  • Students research popular friendships and create a list of reasons why they are friends.
  • Students examine their relationship with their closest friend and write a letter to themselves explaining why they are friends.

Information about Friendship
Well, What Are Friends For? A Longer Life
The Importance of Friendships
The Importance of Friendship for School-Aged Children

Graphic Organizer
Graphic Organizer_Friendship.pdf